Le Casino gourmand – corporate evenings 

Le Casino gourmand – corporate evenings

Le Casino Gourmand

Dolce Vino, the guarantee of fun and dynamic entertainment with the “CASINO GOURMAND”.

An original universe combining the pleasure of the senses and the pleasure of the game. Discover our Casino Gourmand where 1,001 flavours await you.

Refine your senses with a game of casino gourmand. Discover original and interactive gaming tables. In our gourmet casino, you won’t be betting on numbers, but on aromas, the origin of a wine, or the origin or composition of chocolates, cheeses, beers, spirits, cocktails, macaroons, wines, etc.

Who should you trust? Your eyes or your palate? What to bet on? Your nose or the nose of the person sitting next to you? all bets are off!

Once you’ve got your chips, you’re rich! Take a whiff! Taste!… Hesitate… Oh, it’s frustrating !… You know…. It’s… It’s… You’ve got the answer on the tip of your tongue! But it’s not the answer your colleague just bet on! Who’s right? Him? You? Nothing’s going to work! Fortunately, our friendly croupiers are there to guide you by giving you keys and clues.

Whether you choose an aperitif, a digestive or a cocktail reception, each table at the casino gourmand is perfectly designed to whet your senses and entertain you at the same time.

Win with common sense!

All our events can be held in French/English.

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